Beatles singles release dates

I found slightly interesting that Vee-Jay had to switch to a newer mailer when zip codes began to be applied to their mailing address. The descriptions are very detailed and are further evidence of how much work went into the research for this book. Red Target InCapitol changed to the red target label.

Almost all the Beatles singles were pressed on this reissue label. Words and chords july Like Mark Lewisohn, Spizer has deservedly earned the reputation for being a top Beatles historian and a trusted resource. Maybe some other time… Keep up the good work, thanks for everything you do.

But each generation seems to have been pressed by one specific plant only; Compo pressed the first generation, while CBS pressed the second to be confirmed and Capitol the third.


A new book on the music of the Beatles by Ger Tillekens, explaining the system behind their curious chord combinations and their harmoniously sounding melodies. Even noncollectors can enjoy his beautifully printed books, as they contain a wealth of information on how the records were packaged Beatles singles release dates marketed, along with interviews and numerous illustrations.

Then I received the book as a gift.

Please Please Me

Here we have ordered this massive work in five categories. When I started Beatles Songwriting Academy it literally took me 2 month of reading to come up Beatles singles release dates a sensible way of ordering the songs.

They are always up to date and very helpful about the laws in place.

5 Seconds Of Summer cover Post Malone song, compare rapper to the Beatles

For each recording you get the release history, quotes from reviews, interesting notes about how The Beatles wrote the song and created the recording in the studio, how the label promoted and marketed the record and, of course, this being Spizer, everything you could possibly want to know about all the different release variations.

Fifty years Beatles in Hamburg july It evokes some actual emotion, unlike some equally tuneful but slightly superficial efforts. But, some songs were more Lennon's work, while others more exclusively show the hand of McCartney. In — after he had finished the work on 28 songs — he bravely decided to do the whole lot of them.

The album got as far as the test-pressing stage and was even given a catalogue number EMTVS 34but at the last moment was scrapped in favour of a single album to tie in with the American release. For our journal the editors repeated the event, asking him the same questions while waiting for some more extended answers.

Every Beatles album up to was issued on this label, all in stereo; making mono pressings of the first 3 albums now unavailable.

20 Beatles Songs That John Lennon Hated

Red Polydor Two different label variations were used for two different Beatles album, the regular label and the Polydor Special label and was pressed by Compo. Although EMI initially pressed only a few thousand copies of the single for distribution to record stores, the company devoted a full page of its weekly two-page new releases ad to the disc in the September 27,Record Retailer shown above.

Album start dates ignore tracks previously issued as singles.

Beatles discography: United States of America (USA)

All mono albums were issued on the red and silver label as for stereo albums were pressed with black and silver labels. The US version is now the one that exists everywhere including the UK. A conversation with John Lennon and Yoko Ono july Paul McCartney was the one who imported all those elements of the French chanson, of British folk, of Tin Pan Ally, and of classical music into the Beatles' songs.

Researcher Daniels helped compile the data, which serves as essential information for anyone interested in owning every LP, EP, and 45 possible. Pollack completed his series of analyses of the Beatles' catalog.

To date, only one Beatles single from the series is known to have been pressed on this label: RCA pressing on the left and Compo pressing on the right.

The sliced side of single is made sideways to have more space to write the song info, unlike US pressings that are vertical. Here on the left is an odd RCA pressing Compo and Columbia had the contracts for 2nd generation labels. Popular Music Studies,4, 1. Promo Some promo singles were pressed with a special white label, from to the 80s.

For The Beatles, pictures from are shown with George sporting a black eye. Made aware of the overwhelming listener response, Capitol Records president Alan W.

Songwriting, recording, and style change july Semantic shifts in Beatles' chord progressions april Those who want the behind-the-scenes stories of how certain songs were written and recorded will want to read relevant parts of each section: No others Beatles title has been confirmed yet, but it is suspected that has also been pressed as it has been reissued on the later retro rainbow label.

Although the cover states it was made in Lachine, operations had already moved to Cornwall. No matter how much someone knows about The Beatles, he or she will learn new things from the book.

Our month-by-month guide to ’s new and upcoming album releases is the only album calendar you need. Apr 14,  · Being a fan and collector of the Canadian Capitol Beatles 45's, I was doing a search on ebay, looking for upgrades.

I stumbled upon an Australian single of "Roll Over Beethoven", and was rather surprised the Oz singles didn't religiously follow the UK singles releases. Commercial Release of The Beatles Decca Audition This compiled the fourteen tracks he had previously released as singles, plus Take Good Care Of My Baby.

Commercial Release of The Beatles Decca Audition. Brian Epstein Negotiates Beatles Deal With Parlophone. Like Dreamers Do. 54 rows · Beatles comprehensive (complete) discography. Various information on albums released in. All the singles and albums of The Beatles, peak chart positions, career stats, week-by-week chart runs and latest news.

The Beatles: US Releases

Date Title, Artist Peak Pos WoC Wks No 1 Chart This week's new. Posts Tagged rock music singles release dates. Singles Released This Week (November 5 – 11) Posted by Dr. Rock in Uncategorized on November 4, Here’s a running list of charting singles (and B-Sides that charted) from rock and pop music from the 50s through the 80s – .

Beatles singles release dates
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Beatles discography: United States of America (USA) – The Beatles Bible